20 October 2014


First up, we are going to put out the long due debut full length release under Noisemongers Records & Distro. The small independent (some might say DIY) label and distro are home-based, founded and run solely by our guitarist from his small bedroom - since our second demo release on January 2010 (Noisemongers first catalog numbered NMR01CDR); initially intended to produce, documenting and financing KELADAK's releases and activities before he decided to put out for other bands and run small distro and mailorder business. Noisemongers first official pro-done release was an EP split cassette between KELADAK and an avant-garde jazz act, THINK! TADPOLE! THINK! both bands share the same EP title "Death By Karate" (catalog number NOIS01).

Recording at Greenhouse Studio, July - Oct 2012

The debut album would be self-titled "KELADAK", contains 7 tracks prone to heavy-psychedelic rock genre, duration length 46:48 minutes; produced by us and Tom Bollocks. All tracks and wordings were written by Aizat and arranged by KELADAK - except lyrics for track * and additional outro lyrics for track ** by Hafeez. Track list as below:
1. KELADAK (1:59)
2. BLACK CROWS (5:39) *
3. CONTORTIONIST (7:19) **
6. ROCK N ROLL (4:22)
Recording on vocals parts.
Back to July 2012, there were 6 of us in the recording studio Greenhouse in Ampang located besides Kuala Lumpur city - before one of us left the band. Line-up during the recordings were Aizat (guitar), Hafeez (vocals), Mustaq (all bass), Onn (drums) Jay (synth and keyboards) and Addy (didgederidoo and trumpets). Mustaq left the band at the end of recording session to focus on his career and other musical projects. Since then, KELADAK's line up are Aizat (guitars), Hafeez (vocals), Onn (drum), Jay (bass) and Addy (didge). The recording session for all tracks was done on July until October 2014 in Greenhouse Studio, except for track "Lunatic From Mars / Starman" which was recorded on July - August 2007 by Aizat in his bedroom.
Recording on guitar parts by Aizat.
Recording on bass parts by Mustaq.
Drum parts by Onn.
Recording on synth and keyboards part by Jay.
Addy with his didgeridoo.
Faiz contributing harmonica parts.
Some good friends of us whom we've been played with during our early shows also involved in the recording, Faiz (or Ninja Seni) did layers of harmonica wild solos in track Rock N Roll! and Norman Iblis (Dewangga Sakti / Simfoni Ketiak Berachun) who did a great violin strings part for track Passenger Of Time. The recordings were engineered by Tom (The Bollocks / Carburetor Dung). Firdaus Banhawi (the guy who bring the band's name: KELADAK) also contributed vocals and his time. To make it short, all tracks were recorded at Greenhouse Studio, Ampang in 2012 except for track "Lunatic From mars" at Aizat's bedroom, Bandar Baru Bangi in 2007. All photos are HERE.
Tom Bollocks and Norman Iblis prepared for strings section.
Norman with Shakti.
Acap (The Fridays) hanging out with us, extra guitar cabinet amp supplier.
Hafeez and Firdaus Banhawi goofed around while Shakti (the studio cat) slept as usual.
Tom Bollocks, the guy behind the board and help shaped our overall sounds and recordings. Look into his eyes.
After almost a year studio absent, we came to Kerbau Works Studio in January 2014, sat down with Tom and working out the mixing for all tracks (except "Lunatic From Mars"). For the old tracks "Lunatic From Mars", we've contacted and emailed Kamal Sabran (Space Gambus Experiment) to do the mix in July - September 2014. He did a very excellence job repaired and mixed the track and we renamed it as "Lunatic From Mars / Starman".

Mixing at Kerbau Works by Tom Bollocks, January 2014.
On 12th October 2014, we contacted our friend Eric Hausmann at Spillhaus Studio in Oregon, Portland, USA. He also works with Space Gambus Experiment, have some bands and solo projects and produced tonnes of musical project since the 90s. We emailed him our tracks across the pacific ocean straight to the USA for mastering process.

Transferring all tracks to Portland, USA for mastering on 13th October 2014.

After test mastered track sent back to us and some discussion, there are some minor parts that need to be repair and going through another mixing for some tracks. We went back to Tom's Kerbau Studio on 23rd October before we send back the file to Spillhaus Studio afterwards.

Meanwhile waiting for the tracks to be mastered as full album, we are preparing for the cover art and planning to issue some self-printed t-shirts to fund Noisemongers Records putting out this release and also touring expenses next year. This long-awaited album will be released on CD and cassette tape format - might be on December 2014 or early 2015.
Wish us the best out of this album!

Lepak minam dulu boss!